About Us

Why People Call…

Who We Are 

We are a small company specialising in offering true mediums, clairvoyants and psychics. Our readers are used by celebrities in addition to people like you. The Circle of  readers has been established since 1986 and has the distinct advantage of being able to make a connection with you through your telephone line. Many have spirit guides even when using tarot, which helps them guide you explicitly in your life. Payment is accepted via  a freefone credit card facility or 0906 calls on a pay per minute basis, leaving you in control of your reading always. 

The Psychics, Mediums and Clairvoyants 

There is truly nothing worse in life than the thought of ‘so called psychic readers’ cooped up in a call centre, reading to you from scripts!!Our readers work from the serenity of home, with a strict vetting procedure in place to ensure only those with true gifts work on our lines.Psychic readings are a Worldwide phenomenon, with people (mainly women) being helped at times of distress and uncertainty or even times of great happiness, where ‘confirmation readings’ are sought! The UK market alone is a vast and growing industry and the complaints on our lines about our readers are a rarity.You call – it works – as simple as that. 

Reseller Opportunity

Would you like to join a great industry that actually HELPS PEOPLE with minimal outlay?

Psychic Sense offer many business opportunities for both media partners and affiliates via premium rate telephone lines, freefone credit card and SMS..

Each of our psychic services can be white labelled enabling you to offer psychic solutions to your customers branded as yourselves, giving you great revenue earning opportunities.

Our services are white labelled and offer live statistics via telephone numbers and keywords unique to your website or publication so you can monitor your progress. In terms of revenue we believe we have the highest payouts in the industry so you can gain significant revenue from your current customers.

Media Partners

Turn filler space into money making space! Forget those reminder advertising adverts used to fill in  spare magazine spaces, marketing managers you can now make serious revenue for your brands using the UK’s best loved premium rate psychic services. Why not offer our service to your readers branded as your publication?  Text and visuals supplied on request or we can work with your on artwork designs. Beware this industry is regulated by ICSTIS and carries heavy fines for incomplete regulatory information and display of visuals etc – trust the experts PSYCHIC SENSE with over 5 years experience.


Looking for a revenue earning business venture? why not promote our psychic service as your own? For a low cost of entry set-up simply get in touch, we can get you live psychic number connections for less than the cost of a budget holiday to Spain!

Psychic Opportunity 

Are you a talented reader with at least 5 years experience of either face-to-face or telephone readings? If the answer is yes then please get in touch using our contact page – subject to meeting our requirements, all potential Psychic Sense readers will be expected to undergo 3 test readings through members of our team to ensure you meet the grade – great things await the most gifted readers…