Psychic Stories

Your Psychic Stories

Rachel from Cheshire

called the medium line last month and was amazed when her grandmother came through – the medium accurately described items and favourite clothing to include knitted dollies, lavender and an apron always worn – ‘it is a great comfort to know there is life after death and I firmly believe our own family surround us while we remain on earth.’

Sarah from Gloucester

called the medium line last week and commented – ‘I didn’t really quite believe one could connect with a loved one and only rang for a general psychic reading, when the medium starting laughing I asked her what was wrong and she said did I know of anyone passed over who would pretend to pinch someone’s nose from their face and hold it in their hand as a thumb? Shivers ran down my spine as I realised my grandfather in his usual merry style had come through – he always used to do that to us grandkids when we were small.!’

Celebrity Psychic Stories

Mel C

Sporty Spice lost her grandfather while she was on tour in 1998. They had been close and Mel was comforted by his presence when she performed on stage. She says, “You can be singing a verse in front of tens of thousands of people, but you can still feel alone”. “I knew my grandfather loved ‘Viva Forever’, and sometimes, when we sang it, I felt he was there and I was singing it just for him. It could be quite magical”.

Kylie Minogue

Kylie cites the late Michael Hutchence as one of her great loves and is convinced he still watches over her. “Michael’s still around, I know that” the singer insists. “People might think I’m mad, but I feel his presence. It’s very personal. He checks in with me and it’s typical of him that I feel his presence just when I need him most”. “It’s not spooky, it’s reassuring although the force of his presence can be scary”.

Michael Jackson & Liberace

Michael Jackson and Lee Liberace make an odd couple, despite the flamboyant pianist’s death in 1987. Liberace owned a piano which once belonged to the equally eccentric classical composer, Liszt. “When I play his compositions on it I have the most eerie feeling, as if I’d played that music before in another time, said Liberace”. Years later, Michael Jackson claimed he had a psychic connection with Liberace. “I have my own secret room where I talk to Lee”, he explains. “His is the voice I hear in there. I feel his presence so very close to me. Liberace is like my guardian angel”.

Jayne Mansfield & Engelbert Humperdinck

Screen siren Jayne Mansfield held séances with her hairdresser, a medium. “My Aunt Kathy, who had been dead 15 years, talked to me and her voice was exactly as I remembered it”, said Jayne. Aunt Kathy always had a great sense of humour. She still had. Jayne’s own presence was in turn felt by crooner Engelbert Humperdinck, who purchased her famous pink palace after her death. “I’m sure she lived with me in spirit for a time I’d smell her rose petal perfume”, says Engelbert. “Once I saw a figure in a long, black dress in front of me. It was Jayne, but it wasn’t frightening”.